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Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia (Oxford Handbooks Series) by Keith Allman, Iain Wilson

Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia (Oxford Handbooks Series)
By Keith Allman, Iain Wilson

Product Description:
The Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia has been completely updated for the second edition. All chapters have been rewritten and a number of new expert authors have been brought on board. Additional new material includes anaesthesia for the critically ill, and a comprehensive section on anaesthetic risk including anaesthetic risk tables. The first section deals with preoperative issues affecting the administration of anaesthesia. Practical advice is provided covering the impact of medical disease on anaesthesia. The second section describes practical anaesthetic techniques for surgical specialties, including most subspecialties such as thoracic and neuroanaesthesia. Separate, comprehensive sections on paediatric and obstetric anaesthesia are included. The management of emergencies arising during anaesthesia are fully covered with helpful action plans and algorithms throughout. Uncommon conditions and their management are included, and there is an extensive drug formulary and guide to infusion drugs. As with the first edition, this new edition will be the essential handbook for anaesthetists, both junior and experienced, for registrars and those sitting exams, as well as ODPs and nurses involved in theatre area work and pre-assessment. It is the one book for anyone working in anaesthesia to keep to hand at all times!

Summary: Excellent guide
Rating: 5
This is one of the most useful handbooks I've ever read. Very up-to-date, covering all the practical aspects of anaesthesia in a way and format that is easyly understood and helps at a glance. I certainly would recommend it to any anaesthetist.

Summary: Comprehensive and brief
Rating: 4
I recently moved to Australia and have to pass local college exam. This book is very helpful. All topics are generally well presented. Brief and to the point.

One really annoying problem - incompleteness of the index. It is sometimes necessary to perform search of three-four keywords in order to find the topic you need. Some topics are also a little dated, for instance, there is no mention of ropivacaine in the chapter on obstetric epidural. But that is the fate of most reference books: new topics pop up very often.












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